Rock Valley R/C Flyers Club

An AMA Gold Leader Club

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GPS N 42.30355

                                         W 89.18263

Welcome to the Official website of the Rock Valley R/C Flyers Club in Rockford, IL

We are an AMA Gold Leader Club!  Please look around and join us at our monthly club meetings or out at our field, both of which are always open to the public and prospective members!  Spectators are  always free(Well, sometimes at a special event we may ask for a donation for a local charity, and donations to our club are always welcome!!)

OK.  My mistake.  Someone made off with a green P47 (not C47 as I had previously posted) from the Evo Of Flight belonging to Orv Steinmetz, leaving behind a silver P47.  Orv would like anyone who has this plane to bring it to the next meeting, and no questioned asked.

See the Membership page for the 2018 fee structure for the Park District and new links for the forms.

In-District is $40.00 and Out-Of-District is $45.00.

Any of the blue words on the pages are links to either the website page referenced or other websites. 

Meeting Alert !!

The next club meeting for April will be on June 2, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. at the Flying Field.  Be sure to attend as we will be discussing events and dates and such for 2018. 

Field Status:  Open!!

Note:  The field will be closed on June 3, 2018 for the MultiGP event.

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Next Club Events 


Are you interested in learning to fly?  There is no cost to you.  We supply the plane, fuel, radios, everything.  All you supply is a good attitude the the need to have fun!  Couple of options: 


1. Check the "Calendar" page for our Trainer Days, in June, July and Aug, 2018


2. Contact one of the following instructors directly for a one-on-one session.  These sessions will resume in March or April 2018, dependant on weather.  Please give the instructor a 6 or 7 day notice.

   Bill Hartenberger    815.540.2411

   Ed Scherer             815.494.8329

For any of these options, you may bring your own plane and equipment.  For beginners, the instructor will make a recommendation as to using ours or your equipment and plane.  If you feel the need to acquire an aircraft before your session, to make a good purchase, see John at HobbyTown USA on Alpine south of Riverside.

Your success is our goal!!

Wings Of Service
2017 award to Henry (Jerry) Polz (right), presented by Vice President Dave Miller (left).
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